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Congratulations, Dr. Sue Hanson!!

Dr. Hanson is dedicated to advising, not only Pre-Health Professions students, but all students here at Carroll University.  Sue provides a holistic approach to advising, seeing the student where they are at and walking with them as they learn to reflect and grow during their time here at Carroll.  As one of her nominators stated, “One primary focus of Sue’s advising is to help the student become self-reflective. While pre-health students have many requirements to meet in order to be successful grad school candidates, Sue presents these factors to students as part of their journey to self-discovery to strengthen their career choice and not simply ‘boxes to check off’.”

Sue’s passion and dedication to the student experience shows, not only in her face-to-face interactions with students, but in her contributions to advising as a profession here at Carroll.  Sue is an active member of National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions (NAAHP), bringing back resources and information for all advisors to use here at Carroll.  She has developed over 40 original documents/handouts, researched/curated relevant web resources and posted dozens of additional documents and hundreds of bookmarks to the Pre-Health Advising MyGroups page so that it may serve both pre-health professions students and faculty advising those students alike. This page alone has received over 7000 views and 248 unique users since its debut in Fall 2016.  Sue also has worked with colleagues to develop and facilitate the Bound for Success program, which guides students to become competitive applicants for their next phase of their academic journey.

Sue’s dedication is evident as she readily volunteers to help with advising-related events and advising incoming first-year students at Advising & Registration programming. Sue is also an active member on the Academic Advising Working Group, working to change the culture of advising at Carroll University from something that the student ‘has to’ do to something that every student ‘wants to’ do.

Congratulations, Dr. Hanson, and thank you for all you do to help your students grow and succeed at Carroll and beyond!

NEW Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award

Academic Advising at Carroll University is a partnership between each student and their academic advisor, who is a member of Carroll’s faculty and staff.  As a result of this dynamic relationship, students will be given direction and assistance as they:

  • Take ownership of their educational experience and learn to become a member of the Carroll community by thinking critically about their role and responsibility as a student.
  • Achieve their educational, career and personal goals during their time at Carroll University and beyond.
  • Prepare to be an educated citizen of our global community by extending their learning beyond Carroll’s campus.

Carroll University recognizes that Faculty Advisors play an integral role in the growth, development and success of each student as they move through their curriculum and onto their next step as a graduate of Carroll University.  The Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award recognizes an individual that has been identified as having made an exemplary contribution to academic advising at the undergraduate level at Carroll University.

Eligibility: Any undergraduate Faculty Advisor may be nominated for this award.

Criteria:The Selection Committee will evaluate nominations on the evidence of qualities and practices that distinguish the nominee as an exemplary Faculty Advisor.  These qualities and practices may include:

  • Demonstrates strong interpersonal skills, including caring and helpful attitude
  • Provides valuable support that aids student development
  • Understands institutional curriculum, policies and procedures
  • Delivers advising in innovative ways
  • Participates in and supports advisor professional development programs

Nomination Process: Any member (student, faculty, staff) of the Carroll University community may nominate a faculty advisor for the Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award by completing the nomination form online (utilizing Qualtrics) by the Friday of Registration Week in Spring semester. 

Selection Committee: The Selection Committee will be Chaired by the Director of Academic Advising Services and will be comprised of:

  • Three undergraduate students (one from each College)
  • Three faculty (one from each College) who serve on the Academic Advising Working Group
  • At least one designee from Academic Advising Services

The award will be promoted across campus by the Director of Academic Advising Services.  Nominations will be due Friday of Registration Week in Spring semester.  The Selection Committee will meet to review nominations and select an award winner.  The winner will be announced at the Celebrate Success Awards Banquet each Spring. 

A cash award of $1,000 will be given to one winner for 2019.  Two cash awards of $1,000 each will be given to two winners for 2020 and beyond.  Winners names will be placed on a plaque in Academic Advising Services and winners will be interviewed for a Spotlight on Academic Advising for the Carroll University website.  The winner(s) each year will be nominated by Carroll University for the NACADA Outstanding Advising Award - Faculty Role.  If the faculty is awarded the NACADA Outstanding Advising Award - Faculty Role, Carroll will sponsor the faculty to attend the NACADA Annual Conference to accept the award and participate in the professional development provided.


2019 Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award Selection Committee

Mandy Balek-Students, Director of Academic Advising Services

College of Arts & Sciences
Faculty Representative: Greg Gabrielsen, Department of Computational & Physical Sciences
Student Representative: Michael Fenney, Sociology major

College of Health Sciences
Faculty Representative: Lori Brock, Department of Health & Medicine
Student Representative: Lauren Twomey, Exercise Science major

School of Business
Faculty Representative: Dennis Debrecht, School of Business
Student Representative: Nicole Hospel, Health Care Administration major

Academic Advising Services Representative
Amanda Delaney, Senior Academic Advisor


If a Faculty Representative is nominated for the
2019 Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award,
another faculty member will be called upon to take
their place on the Selection Committee.